How to Hack Facebook account ? Is It possible or not ?

Are we all safe in the technology age? Neither of us is safe. We see how many days later some of our favorite Facebook hacks have been hacked. What can not be heard? Yes, of course. This is an awful thing right now. No one can be safe from hackers. Because if a bug is fixed today, tomorrow another bug will be hacked out. Today I will show you how hackers hack your ID very easily. You won’t find this episode on the Play Store. You have to buy it from Blackhat Hawker’s website and you have to bring your identity card. But I’ll give it to you for free. But don’t use these apps to harm anyone.

However, we will hack as we have to use a paid VPN use. So that our identity is kept secret. None of us can catch up. Select a country from here. And the VPN link I give to the video descripsaha. Then connect. Now the auction will begin.

Download Facebook v.3.5 ta. After that no open. After opening, you will get a screen. Where you need to give user ID of whose ID you want to hack. Or you need to know who opened the ID with the phone number. And it’s very easy to know the ID of Facebook. I hope you can do so. We will now hack the ID with the username. So now I will click on the User Name / ID. Friends can see that here you will be asked to give a user ID. Here I copy and paste my user ID. Here again, you can tell that you can hack with his phone number or user ID.

And since this post, I bought with $ 5 paid. And I’ll give it to you for free. If you do not subscribe to my channel, then subscribe now. Just do it now. Click on the bell icon next to the dice and select it. You will get the latest updates to this post.

Now click on Gay. Do not drag or watch the video so you can easily understand it. If there is any other problem you can make me a comment or comment. I will try to help you. Now it will take some time after clicking on the gate. To collect data on Facebook. You have to wait a while. This facebook tie is the best of the many Facebook haia. Since the pay will work. I bought it to hack my old girlfriend’s ID. It will depend on the essence. After some time, it will show Saxess Messages and then click on Hack Me. Clicking on Hack Me will see the profile of his profile will come out. Then click on Hack Me again. After some time, it will load and display the user id and passwords. Now you can easily access the ID by copying from here.

Amy copied the password from here. Now I’ll show you if it works. View easily entered into ID. And one more thing if the ID has 2 step verification, then you can hack it too. For this, I have one more compromise. Soon I will make a video about it. Subscribe by clicking on the bell icon.

You need to comment to get this app. And give me the email id. When that comment is added to the video, I will mail it to Punk. Since this is the page you will have to wait. And if you do not want to delay, please mail me alright but I have to pay for it. I’ll give you 5+ comments for free. But don’t use these apps to harm anyone.

Again, if my channel is not subscribed then you will not get it. I’ll check you all and then mail it to you.

Thanks. To stay with us for so long.

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