what does my pc need? Got a New PC?

Have you recently got a new laptop or PC ? you don’t know as a first user. Here I will tell you what do you need on your pc to get started. First of all, be sure your laptop or pc is on. I know you know how to open your laptop or pc. If you do not feel free to make a comment. I will let you know.

I am going to describe what you need for your new pc step by step.

Create an account

First of all, create an account on Microsoft if you are in windows otherwise create an apple account for mac. An account will hell help you to save data and keep your backup. Then you have to set a strong password. A password is most important for your security. If you lock your laptop or pc with a password no one can access your PC or Laptop like a smartphone.

Enable antivirus

To protect your laptop or pc you need to use good antivirus software. Good antivirus software can protect you from the hacker to steal your data and privacy. You can use Microsoft defender as a default or you can buy a premium antivirus for the best protection.

Basic Software

For operating your laptop or pc you need some essential software to make your computing experience better. I will discuss some of the most popular software that you need to install on your pc.

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